• Oz The Great and Powerful Review


    One of the biggest trends in both movies and television lately has been revisiting old material and putting it in a new light. With several versions of The Wizard of Oz out including a new Broadway play, it didn’t seem to be much of stretch that someone would reuse the material. Much like how Wicked, showed us how the two witches in Oz became a part of the well known story, Oz the Great and Powerful is the story of the wizard. But there are catches. The new material can’t reference the names, places, events, or anything from the Wizard of Oz canon.

    Oscar Diggs (James Franco) is a sideshow magician. He splits his days between doing shows, womanizing and grifting his fellow carnival employees. During a tornado, he hides in a hot air ballon which takes to the land of Oz. Here he is greeted as liberator and king. Diggs has no idea why he is being treated so well until he encountered the wicked witch (Weiz). She terrorizes the citizens of Oz and Diggs is seen as the person who can defeat her. Diggs soon learns that since he can’t escape without the help of the people of Oz, he has to figure out what side is he on and whether to fight at all./u

    Oz the Great and Powerful is a film that has many good things going for it but can’t seem to get them together to make a great film. James Franco who is known for working hard to get a part just right seems to be phoning in this role. His performance is so over the top that it is almost cartoon-like. The three witches played Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz not only over act their roles but in the case of Kunis seems to think evil means you have to be very loud to get your intentions across. Sam Raimi who is known for making interesting films can’t seem to bring the movie together. Even as his visually colourful Oz sprawls out in front you, it’s hard to find a character to root for including the comic relief which comes in the form of Zack Braff.

    Oz the Great and Powerful is much like going to eat fast food. Sure you can get some kind of satisfaction taking part in it but you will feel bad for being a part of it later. The writing and acting are weak at best and the direction is almost non-existent. Skip this trip to Oz and be glad to have memories of better interpretations of the material.