• Baby Driver Review

    Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a very skilled getaway driver. He came virtually out of nowhere and gained a reputation for being both professional and yet mysterious. This maybe due to his perchance to wearing earbuds 90% of the day due to tinnitus. He doesn’t like to speak and is a bit of loaner but is meticulous planner. He works for Doc (Kevin Spacey) in order to pay off a debt. When Baby finally breaks even and pays off his debt to Doc, he tells him that is out of the “business”. Between jobs he meets a waitress named Deborah(Lily James) and falls in love. Baby starts to question why he can’t just live a normal life. Doc coerces him into one last big job. In this job he is teamed up with the survivors of previously completed jobs, Darling(Eiza Gonzalez), Buddy(John Hamm) and Bats(Jamie Foxx) all of who don’t trust him. They must work together to both survive and escape the police that stand in their way of their job.

    Edgar Wright’s direction and writing are also quite memorable. It is a more mature version of the comedies he made in the Cornetto trilogy. He has the ability to combine both comedic and dramatic elements in this movie. The editing and the overall feel of this makes film easy to watch and follow. The writing does have it’s weaknesses but compared action/comedy franchises, Baby Driver doesn’t have many flaws. It is important to note about this film is the soundtrack. From the opening credits where we get to experience tinnitus. The soundtrack is a various of 70-90's music in the same vein as the movie “High Fidelity”. The sound mixing is unique in that a lot happens in the surround speakers and in fact between all the speakers in the 5.1 mix. It would be something very difficult to replicate in a stereo sound setup.

    Baby Driver is a light hearted action film with comedic elements thrown in. It has several good set pieces which will remind people of “Bullit” and “French Connection”. Sound and music play a large part of the movie with many catchy songs. It is film worth seeing on a big screen and a good sound system. It is a perfect continuation of the director’s work and vision.