• Ender's Game Review

    Hollywood continues in it’s quest to find new material to make movies from as well as try to remake it’s own material. Often new material comes from novels that are popular even though they can be difficult to adapt. Several other books have been adapted fairly well like the Lord of the Rings series and Harry Potter. Both of those series though a lot of work to make sure they stayed true to the book and not stray too much from the original material. Another layer of issues often come about when the writer is still alive and wants to have some control over the movie adaption. It took more than 10 years for Hollywood to turn Ender’s Game into a movie. It represents the possible entry to a large series of books from a writer who is known to be very picky about every aspect of his works.

    Sometime in the future the earth is attacked by an alien race. They attempted to wipe out the entire planet’s population if it wasn’t for the bravery of the soldiers who fought in a long war. Once the alien threat was repelled the forces of earth joined together to begin training and developing weapons to fight back if the aliens return. Ender Wigen (Asa Butterfield) is youngest child in family is often picked on. His parents believe that he is brilliant and have a bright future. When Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford) sees potential in Ender in his test scores, he send him to the futurist battle school to help him hone both his physical and mental skills. Ender soon proves that he is strong leader and is able to command out of almost any situation. Ender soon learns that he is to lead the Earth’s forces against the aliens on their home planet.

    Ender’s Game is a movie high expectations behind it. It follows the book the best it can based on the content. The direction by Gavin Hood is above average. Best known for directing the first Wolverine movie, Hood’s direction has improved allowing this possibly difficult story to be told relatively well. Asa Butterfield is quite good as Ender. He brings the proper depth to the character and still allows us to be sympathetic towards ender. Ford, who plays a military leader, is gruff and bitter but still believable. The special effects are used in most of the scenes and don’t distract from the character development or the plot.

    When it comes to book adaptions, Ender’s Game isn’t bad. It has a good mix of action and drama that will keep anyone interested. The acting is descent and the plot though a bit familiar to many people who watch science fiction isn’t bad. If you are looking for a movie which has action but not too light on plot, this might be for you.