• Rush Review

    Formula One racing is considered the top sport of automobile racing. It requires both a technically advanced car and a skilled driver. Even with those conditions being met, there is still weather and track conditions. Despite having the best driving skills, it's also possible that on a wet track the driver of an F1 car could lose control and the driver’s life. Then there are personalities of the drivers. Some are more brash and over the top. Others are more meticulous and driven by perfection.

    In the early 1970's James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) is just starting out his racing career. He has no money to get sponsorship, and a beat up car which he competes in Formula 3 which is a lower league of racing. He drinks, smokes and womanizes as he slowly becomes not only a better racer but a fan favourite as well. After a close call on a race with another driver, Hunt gains a rival in Niki Lauda(Daniel Brühl). The two soon become Formula 1 drivers and compete fiercely at the new level of their profession. As the rivalry continues, the pair attempt to outdo each other and eventually one ends up in a horrible accident.

    "Rush" is film that has many things going for it. The movie itself looks amazing. Ron Howard and his team recreate not only the look of racing in the 70's but the feel of them as well. The two leads both turn in eerily realistic performances as two famous race car drivers. The catch to the film is that it has a limited audience. Even you like Chris Hemsworth and Brühl as drivers, you still really have like to Formula 1 racing. There is a lot of character and plot to the film but the main draw to the film is the racing. Though Hemsworth best known for playing Thor in the movies of the same name, “Rush” can't bring enough mainstream viewers to film. There also isn't out of the racing gear for there to be a draw for female viewers. The writing isn't exactly strong either but there is enough outside the actual races to make you care about the characters.

    If you aren't into Formula 1 racing, this film may not be your thing. Even if you are big fan of Chris Hemsworth from his role in the "Thor" movies it might not even be enough of a draw for you. But if you can look beyond those two things, "Rush" is a fast moving film about Formula 1 racing that exposes one of the greatest rivalries in its history. It is visually interesting and will leave wanting to learn to more about this exciting and dangerous sport.